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Reflexology: Benefits to Your Health

Reflexology, also known as trigger point therapy, is a medical option which involves applying gentle pressure to delicate areas of the feet and hands. This is performed without the application of oil or lotion with only the use of fingers thumb, palm and massage techniques. This belief holds that th…

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Prenatal Massage has Health Benefits

Prenatal massage, also referred to as massage therapy, can be a great option for expectant mothers who wish to maximize the time they spend with their child. It is one of the few methods of touch therapy that can be enjoyed by both mother and baby at any stage of development. It also aids in the rel…

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A lot of people seek massage for different reasons and in numerous ways. Massages can be used to assist you in relaxing and forgetting of your issues. People may seek massages to alleviate joint and muscle pain of repetitive tasks during a few weeks.

Massage can provide many benefits, in addition to relaxation and relief of muscle stiffness and tension. Massage therapists can tackle many aspects of massage and their direct impact on health overall. This includes the physical, psychological, soft tissue, and sports massage. Massage can be effecti…

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What can Shiatsu Massage help to ease muscle tension and tightness?

Shiatsu massage, an alternative method of Japanese bodywork draws the inspiration of traditional Chinese medicine. It incorporates ideas from traditional Chinese medical practices, including the concept of "qi" (or energy) moving throughout the body. Shiatsu originates from an old Japanese massage …

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Very hot Stone Massage - Alternative Medication Which Will Help Reduce Muscle Stress

Hot stone therapy is a process of massage developed by Dr. Helen Thomas in her book, The enjoyment of all Hot Stone Therapy. Within this book, Dr. Thomas clarifies several types of warmth, named"heaters," which are placed on your spine, shoulders, legs, or feet of patients having sore muscles or oth…

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